Our Expertise

BFE Solutions supports domestic as well as foreign companies from start-up through strategic growth up to international expansion. As a modern day market expert of digitization, we will prepare you to gain a foothold in foreign markets.

We provide customized and cost effective innovative digital solutions in all stages of your business!

Wide range of IT Solutions for Digitization:
Web Development and Design
Mobile App Development (iOS, Android, Windows)
Customized E-commerce solutions
CRM Software
Custom Software Development
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software: Project Management, HR, E-Commerce, Sales, CRM, Warehouse Management, Inventory, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Accounting and Billing
Software for Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems
Content Management Systems
Cloud Solution .NET and Java development
Onboarding Solutions
Front-end Brokerage Systems
Back Office Processing
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions
Call Center Solutions including call recording, IVR, ACD, real time monitoring, quality assurance, enhanced routing etc.
Scalable Data Computing Platforms including ODBC, JMS and WS
Extensive Open Big Data Platforms
Complex data base website
Data Consolidation and Management
Transaction Processing and Workflow
Market Data and Trading Systems
Models for contact center, security, marketing, network operations, data monetization
In-Database Analytics
Massively Parallel Processing
Container-Based Microservices

Whatever you need for your Digital Marketing:
Brochures, E-mail Campaigns, Logo Design, SEO, Banners, PR, Content and Communication on Social Media, localization, translation etc.

Managerial and Operational Services:
Professional and Realistic Business Plans in every stage of your business
Opening up New Markets abroad for your products and services
Strategy and Innovation
We can connect you with Partners, Suppliers, Labor
Foreign Investment
Optimizing your Business Model
Cost Optimization

Renewable Energies - Made in Germany

As environmentally friendly people we have a strong passion for renewable energies. Therefore we do whatever we can to promote and spread green energy technologies. The energy transition in Germany should play a pioneering role for other countries. We will help you to get these high-quality technologies from Germany for a low price.

Please get in contact with us: info@bfe-solutions.com